Don't Forget to Bring

Goggles, Cap, Team Suit, Towels, Jacket, Sweatpants, Sunscreen, Mosquito Spray, Sandals, Snacks, Drinks, Chairs, Sharpie.

Be Early

Check the Schedule for the Pool Location and Positive Check-in time (when check-in closes). Allow time for traffic and parking.

Positive Check-In

When you arrive to the meet, find the Positive Check-In table and highlight your swimmer's name. This lets the coaches know that you've arrived, so they can confirm the lineup.

Keeping Track of Events

Bring a Sharpie and have the swimmers write their events on their hand.

Watch for Lineup Changes

The coaches sometimes have to make last minute changes, so be ready for changes to the lineup.

Before the Race

Listen for the event number called to the Clerk of Course. Be prompt, get your entry card, and wait for your event in the Bullpen. When prompted, go to your assigned lane and give the Timer your entry card.

After the Race

The swimmer should ask a Timer for their time, then go see a coach for feedback.