Jobs with No Experience Required


Record swimmer times at meets. Be a back-up timer if your lane has no swimmer.

Bag Tags

Hands out Bag Tag awards to each heat winner after a race.


Responsible for maintaining order in the bullpen. Keep swimmers in event order, identify missing swimmers and ensure swimmers get to the starting blocks in a timely fashion.


Provide refreshments to all meet workers periodically throughout the meet.


Collect cards from judges, starters and referees and deliver to the scoring table.


Monitor concession area, replenish stock, sell items, collect payments.

Jobs with Experience/Certification Required

Scorekeeper (Recorder)

DSDC Knowledge Required

Scorekeepers enter data into official scoring program and/or confirm the accuracy of the data entered. Verify official points awarded by the Head Scorekeeper. In the event of a non-electronically scored meet, record swimmers' times on official score sheet. Knowledge of DSDC scoring is necessary, and will be reviewed at Certified Timer/Scorer class.


Certification Required

Verify strokes and turns are performed in accordance with USA Swimming Rules. Certification and prior one year active experience as a certified timer is required.


Certification Required

Verify legal starts and finishes are performed in accordance with USA Swimming Rules. Announces the event, officially starts each event, and acts as final decision maker in events of dispute. Certification and one year active experience as a certified judge is required.

Jobs with Season Long Commitment

Volunteer Coordinator

Create electronic file of meet volunteers. Coordinate changes in volunteers, communicate volunteer deficits to Meet Director. Provides complete list of workers to Meet Director prior to each meet, and to the Secretary for posting on the team website.

Record Keeper

Enter official times for each meet and provide copy of same to division record-keeper in both digital format and hard copy within 48 hours of each meet. Attend division meeting at beginning of season and seed meeting the Monday immediately following the final dual meet. Deliver results to ribbon writer.

Head Scorekeeper

Must attend all 5 home meets and conference meets. Provide score sheets, exhibition sheets, team roster for our team and opposing team. Have copy of DSDC Rules and Regulations in case of a dispute. For both home and away meets, has all materials needed to score and record the meet, including, but not limited to pens, white out, paper weights, etc. Ensure Score Recorders understand the process and monitor that the recording is being done correctly.


Take photos at meets and events and make them available to the team.

Special Events Coordinator

Recruit, plan, organize special events like Senior Day, Parade, Team Parties, etc.


Design and maintain the website and all related functions. Keep website updated with the latest information.

Head Ribbon Writer

Receive labels from Record Keeper. Put labels on appropriate ribbons and file same in each swimmers mailbox. Maintain inventory of ribbons and provide accounting to Parent Rep so that reorders are made in sufficient quantity to have ribbons available to swimmers all season.


Work with apparel providers. Coordinate suit fitting and purchases.


Work all home meets. Call events to the bullpen, make announcements as needed for the meet.

Board Positions


The lead member, responsible for the overall organization of the board. Sets agenda for meetings, responsible for decisions related the the team.

Vice President

The backup to the President, attends board meetings and votes on proposals.

Meet Director

Responsible for setting up the pool deck for home meets and seeing that all meets run smoothly. Contacts visiting team’s Meet Director to discuss volunteer/judging situation, ensures the visiting team knows we run an 8 lane pool. At meet, verify that meet workers are in place when needed. Be available to answer questions at meets.


Maintain financial accounting for team. Maintain team accounts. Report activity to Board of Directors. Coordinate cash box with concession area.

DSDC Representative

Represent Bartlett Barracudas at the DSDC meetings throughout the year. Report details of DSDC meetings at Barracuda Board Meetings. Prepare ribbon order, confirm Park District has paid dues, and coordinate Conference T-shirt Sales.


Responsible for regular communication to Swimmers, Parents, Coaches, Team Volunteers, and Board Members.