Swimming is a sport where you must be proficient in several strokes: Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. You must also know the proper order of the combination races, as in the Medley Relay and Individual Medley.

The DuPage Swim and Dive Conference encourages proper stroke technique and personal improvement. This is why judges are present at the meet...to observe (and judge) the swimmers' stroke technique.

If a swimmer is not performing the required elements of the swim stroke required for a given event, a disqualification (DQ) is issued. The swimmer will not receive an official time for that event, will not score points for the team, and will not receive a ribbon. What the swimmer will receive is an explanation of what was improperly performed. We encourage the swimmer to bring the DQ notification to the coaches at the next practice to discuss what was done and how to fix the issue that caused the DQ.

Please do not interrupt a judge during the meet. They are poolside to judge all swimmers equally. If a judge has to stop to discuss a disqualification, the judge is unable to fairly judge the swimmers in the current/next events, and may cause a delay in the meet. Please address the coaches with any questions you may have, either after the meet or at the next practice.

8 Year Old and Under

Exempt from DQ for the first two weeks of the season (not necessarily the first two meets), to allow the young swimmers to acclimate to the rules of the sport. By the third week, the 8-and-unders should be adjusted, and will be judged as every other swimmer. The Bartlett Barracuda coaches and families are supportive, encouraging and strive for swimming excellence.

Freestyle DQ's

  • Touching the bottom of the pool
  • Forward progress when hanging on lane lines
  • Improper turns

Butterfly DQ's

  • Forward stroke below water
  • Arm/hand stroke not simultaneous
  • Legs not simultaneous during kick
  • On back when leaving wall
  • One hand touch - turn or finish
  • Improper kick (e.g., flutter, scissors or breast)

Breaststroke DQ's

  • Head does not break surface of water
  • On back when leaving wall
  • More than one kick during the stroke cycle
  • Improper kick (e.g., flutter, scissors or fly)
  • Hands below hipline
  • Arm/hand stroke not simultaneous
  • Legs not simultaneous during kick
  • One hand touch - turn or finish
  • Alter stroke / breaking the stroke cycle (e.g., to adjust goggles)

Backstroke DQ's

  • Turning shoulders past vertical
  • Illegal Turns

Other DQ's

  • Underwater past the 15m marker
  • More than one pull for a start, turn or cycle
  • Walk or spring from bottom of pool
  • Alter stroke to remove goggles
  • Finish in wrong lane
  • Using lane lines to competitive advantage

Relay DQ's

  • Incorrect stroke order
  • Starting before prior leg of relay has touched wall